European Union imposes sanctions on those responsible for the massacre

April 12, 2021- As a result of human rights work, the European Union has for the first time punished eight members of the regime responsible for the killing of 1’500 peaceful protesters. 
An EU official announced Monday that the EU had imposed sanctions on eight Iranian military commanders and police chiefs and three Iranian prisons.
"Those responsible for serious human rights violations should know that their actions will have consequences," he added.
According to Reuters, the three sanctioned prisons include two prisons in the Tehran region where the European Union says after the 2019 protests detainees were deliberately tortured with boiling water and denied any medical treatment .
Three Iranian Interior Ministry officials told Reuters that about 1’500 people were killed in the November 2019 protests.
The property of sanctioned people is frozen in EU member states and they are not issued visas to enter those countries. 
On March 9, the U.N. special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, Javaid Rehman, presented a report saying Tehran used lethal force during the protests and chided it for failing to conduct a proper investigation or failing to hold anyone accountable.
This action gives hope to the prisoners and the families of the victims and shows them that they are not alone.

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