International online legal conference "Trampled Human rights"

In the conference, which was held on March 11th 2021 in defense of the rights of victims of the 1988 massacre, featured prominent lawyers such as Mr. Taher Boumedra, lawyer and chairman of the Justice Committee for Victims, and former UN envoy
Alfred de Zayas, Professor and expert of Human Rights and Mrs. Christiane Perregaux, sociologist and former chair of the Geneva Legislative Council, attended.
In defense of the rights of the victims of the 1988 massacre, in which more than 30,000 political prisoners were executed, they called for the formation of an international fact-finding committee to investigate the perpetrators of the massacre.
The perpetrators of this massacre, who are now in power, have not yet been brought to justice, and the continuation of this crime can be seen in the current arbitrary executions.
Excerpts from Taher Boumedra’s speech:
In the reports we published, a number of individuals are listed as having commanded the massacre of 30,000 prisoners in 1988, as well as individuals who carried out the crimes.
Fortunately, seven independent U.N. experts recently sent a letter to the Iranian regime giving an ultimatum for the establishment of a commission to investigate these crimes, and if the regime does not pursue this matter, they will directly call for the formation of a commission of inquiry by the international community.
Now is the time to establish an independent international commission to look into the 1988 atrocities as well as the massacre of 1,500 people during the November 2019 uprising and to bring the regime to justice at a higher international level.