Adoption by the United Nations of the 67th resolution condemning the Mullah regime

New York, Wednesday 16.12.2020

The UN General Assembly ratified the 67th resolution condemning the Mullah dictatorship ruling in Iran, which was previously adopted by the 3rd Commission of the United Nations, with 82 votes in favor. 
The United Nations resolution condemned the violations of basic human rights and freedoms, the high number of executions, especially the execution of juveniles, as well as the use of torture and merciless ill-treatment in prisons, both in practice and by law, by the fanatical regime ruling Iran, and called for the release of those arrested in November 2019 and January 2020. 
The United Nations resolution expressed great concern over a large number of crimes and human rights violations by the mullahs' regime ruling Iran, including: 
- Executions of people carried out on the basis of forced confessions.
- Sentencing juveniles to execution, which is contrary to the International Convention for the Protection of the Child
- Torture or other barbaric inhuman and degrading punishment 
- Large-scale and systematic arrests and arbitrary detentions, as well as the use of torture to force confessions, such as in the case of Navid Afkari, as well as other suspicious deaths while in detention
- The suppression of freedom of expression and opinion, such as the large-scale restriction of Internet access and digital applications, as well as the restriction of freedom of organization and assembly
- Persecution and harassment of political dissidents and human rights activists
- Various forms of discrimination and human rights violations against women and girls, both in practice and in law