Internet disconnection and killing of protesters

Updated 04.12.2019- Welle Association warns for a new massacre

Since November 15, after an unannounced increase and 300 % of fuel price in Iran, people have taken to the streets to protest. The demonstration spread to more than 187 cities within two days and became nationwide. The protesters chant against the leading system.

In response, the regime began a brutal crackdown.
So far, At least 1000 people were killed. Although the number of reports and videos about Iran is very limited due to the Internet blockage, sources say that regime is shooting down the demonstrators.
The latest reports indicate that most demonstrators were shot in head and chest by plainclothes or snipers. The regime is trying to keep the real statistics secret. They refused to give the bodies to their families and instead buried them secretly.

At least 4000 people were injured. Security forces also reportedly attacked a hospital in Shiraz, taking all the wounded and those who were killed.
According to the Etemad state run agency, more than 7,000 people have been arrested. Internal sources announced more than 12000.

Examples of killed people:

Ruhullah Nazari Fatah Abad, 37, killed in the evening of November 17th in Sirjan

Mehdi Nikoui Ali Abadi, 20, of Fars province was shot on November 17th 2019

Farzad Ansari was shot in Behbahan.

Mehdi Papi, 31, was killed on November 17 in Fardis Karaj near west of Tehran.

So far, the names of the three women are among killed protesters.

The brutal repression of the regime quickly spread on social media, exposing the regime's weakness and corruption internationally.
In return, since November 17th, the regime ruling Iran has completely blocked the Internet. 

Certainly, the Internet is giving the regime an opportunity in killing the arrested people and demonstrators. Foreign reporters on the scene are also forbidden to broadcast.

Many regime leaders and state-run newspapers threatened to execute demonstrators. 
Kayhan the state-run newspaper, published an article on Monday, November 5, saying: "Execution with hanging rope pending Saboteur ".
Kayhan added that judicial authorities find the death sentence ruled definitive for the leaders of the recent protest.

The Welle association warns to prevent a new massacre; similar to the massacre of 30,000 prisoners in 1988.  Welle Association had several campaigns and legal activities on this subject. The revelations and internationalization of this issue close the regime's hands to the massacre of these arrested innocent protesters.

The Welle association demand the United Nations to send a reporter to Iran over these protests, killings and prisoners. The Welle association calls on the international community and internet service providers to definitely condemn the internet cruel shutdown and help the Iranian people to break the internet blockade.

Join us for a campaign to stop the execution of innocents and give hope to inmates under torture and their families. We need your help in this urgent and sensitive situation.