The association

“Welle” is a charitable, non-denominational association, founded 2004 and registered in commercial register in canton Zurich.
The supreme governing body of “Welle” is the general meeting, at which all association members are entitled to vote. It elects the board members and the executive committee. The board (comprising five members) is responsible for strategic management and overseeing the operational office, which in turn is responsible for planning and implementing the association’s projects.The “Welle” association is a tax-exempt association.

The “Welle” association is supported by volunteers who work on an unpaid basis.
Administrative costs are thus kept to a minimum and are largely covered by corporate sponsorship.
This means that the largest percentage of donations is channelled directly into projects.

The members of the “Welle” association are volunteers who help us to implement our projects. They include lawyers, human rights activists, media professionals, artists, musicians, and many others.