More than 30,000 protesters have been detained in recent civil protests in Iran, and at least 2,000 of them face imminent execution. 
The mullahs' regime has executed at least 120 people in various cities across Iran in recent weeks. 23 of the executed people belonged to Iran's minority Sunni Baluch people, who continue their street protests against the ruling mullah regime every week.

The unprecedented increase in mass executions as well as arbitrary executions in various cities in Iran, used as a means to create an atmosphere of fear and terror, are indicative of the religious fundamentalist dictatorship's great fear of the growing nationwide population protests.

So far, more than 30,000 protesters have been arrested in Iran's recent civil protests, and at least 2,000 of them face imminent execution. 
This shocking crime must be stopped as soon as possible.

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Protests for freedom and human rights have been taking place in Iran since September 16, 2022. Women and young people in particular, but also more and more people from all sections of the population, are taking part and demanding their most basic human rights. The inhumane Mullah regime tried to suppress people's peaceful demonstrations with all kinds of methods, including direct shooting, but despite killing more than 750 demonstrators, including more than 69 children, the regime is not able to stop this great civil movement.

In recent years, execution has always been a main means of repression used by the mullahs to prevent protests by the population for their rights by creating an atmosphere of fear and terror.In relation to the population, the mullah regime has the highest number of executions in the world, especially for juvenile executions and public executions. 
Currently, a large number of those arrested, including many children and young people under the age of 18, face execution.

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In addition to international appeals, especially to the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the United Nations and the United Nations Human Rights Council, vigils and public relations, Verein Welle has launched an international campaign to prevent the execution and torture of detained protesters, especially women and youth. 
We have experienced for years, the only way is to exert more and more international and legal pressure as well as with more and more publications. With continuous campaigns and pressure, we can tie the hands of the mullahs and prevent executions.

Please help us with your best efforts. Every minute counts and every
help saves lives!




Geneva, May 19, 2023 - A moving vigil was held yesterday in Nations Square, in front of the UN in Geneva. Exiled Iranians and volunteers from Verein Welle gathered to protest the cruel wave of executions in Iran, in which three innocent young men, Saleh Mirhashemi, Saeed Yaqoubi and Majid Kazemi, were executed last Friday. The participants carried placards with inscriptions such as " Stop torture in Iran " and "Stop executions in Iran".


On December 8, the first arrested protester was executed. In an inhumane act, Iran's ruling mullahs sentenced 23-year-old Mohsen Shekari to death in an illegal show trial solely for his participation in the peaceful demonstrations and executed him without prior notice.
On December 12, just two days after International Human Rights Day, 22-year-old athlete Majidreza Rahnavard was publicly hanged.

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