Condemnation of the suppression of civil protests in Iran

The popular uprising in Iran has been underway for more than 3 weeks now. The brutal repression and violation of human rights by the mullah regime, the arrest of more than 20,000 people, and the murder of more than 400 people has shocked the world and called upon every human conscience to stand up in defense of the human rights of the Iranian people.

In support of the Iranian people, a conference entitled “Human Rights Situation in Iran” was held in conjunction with the 51st session of the UN Human Rights Council at the UN European headquarters in Geneva. Attending the conference were representatives of diplomatic delegations from various countries, members of non-governmental organizations with consultative status at the United Nations, as well as politicians and lawyers.

Several excerpts from the speeches given at the conference:

Gilbert Mitterrand, president of the France Liberté Foundation, said in his speech: “For Iranians, who have never allowed themselves to be subjugated to a regime that suppresses their legitimate demands, there is no other option than to rise up in protest. The recent uprising of the Iranian people can be legitimized by drawing on the preamble to the Declaration of Human Rights. According to the Rome Statute, which gives priority to humanitarian law, the Security Council – which adopted the Magnitsky Act – can be called upon to refer the perpetrators of serious crimes to the International Criminal Court. Therefore, we can indict government officials for crimes against humanity and genocide, including representatives of the Iranian regime.”

In his speech, Dr. Alejo Vidal Quadras, head of the International Committee in Search of Justice, said: “Iran has experienced more revolutions in its history than any other country in the world.” He appealed to the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN Human Rights Council to investigate the mass killings and mass arrests of protesters by the mullah regime in Iran. While stressing the high price Iranians are paying to achieve freedom, democracy and justice, he stated that the time has come for the United Nations to openly stand by the Iranian people.

Rémi Pagani, member of the Geneva City Council and former mayor of Geneva, said in his speech: “When a dictatorship practices such violent oppression, people have the right to defend themselves. This is a legitimate right indicated in the preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The international community should finally recognize the right of the Iranian people to defend themselves and determine their own destiny. Switzerland should demand the release of those arrested, break off relations with the Iranian regime, and call on other countries to do the same.”

Welle sponsored this conference at the UN and participated in it with many of our Swiss friends. We condemn the relentless, severe human rights violations in Iran – especially the repression of women and youths in the recent demonstrations – and have appealed to the United Nations and international community to take immediate action aimed at stopping Iran’s political executions and murder of protesters, as well as seeing to the release of detained activists. Welle furthermore demands that the Tehran regime be referred to the United Nations Security Council for the killing of protesters in the recent popular uprising as well as for the regime’s four decades of genocide and crimes against humanity, including the 1988 massacres, and for those responsible – in particular, Khamenei and Raisi – to be brought to justice.