An urgent appeal for the release of all Iranian political prisoners and incarcerated protesters, as well as for the dispatch of an international delegation to investigate the situation at the mullah regime’s prisons across Iran.

Since the beginning of the recent nationwide uprising in Iran, the judiciary has taken at least 2000 out of the more than 20000 arrested protesters to Fashafouyeh outside of Tehran. Many of them have serious injuries from the brutal beatings they received from the riot police, or they were struck by shotgun pellets and needed immediate medical care …

...but not only have they been denied medical treatment, they also face torture. Their lives are in serious danger. Fashafouyeh Prison in greater Tehran is one of Iran’s most notorious and largest prisons. It covers a total area of 110 hectares and is situated 32 km south of the capital. This penitentiary lacks the necessary facilities for living, let alone medical care. Its sole purpose: for torturing the regime’s political prisoners.

Welle association demands the immediate release of all incarcerated anti-government activists and all protestors arrested in connection with the recent peaceful demonstrations, as well as appeals to the international community to dispatch an official delegation to Iran to investigate the situation at the mullah regime’s prisons across the country.