Welcome to the information page of our association. Here you can find out about all our current activities and fundraising campaigns, as well as read background information on our commitment to promoting human rights in Iran.

Human rights in Iran
Life in Iran changed radically after the 1979 revolution and the foundation of the Islamic Republic. Since then, fundamental rights of the people have been violated or even taken away. Today, Iran has one of the worst human rights records in the world. The reactionary policies of the religious dictatorship, the violation of internationally recognised rights and laws, and the ensuing conflict have so far claimed more than a million lives.

“Welle”, an association promoting human rights and freedom, was established in 2004 to help the victims of the Mullah regime in Iran. The association’s founders are themselves exiles from this religious dictatorship, escaping a country where crimes against humanity are committed on a daily basis.
The “Welle” association organises and coordinates relief efforts out of Switzerland to help the countless people who have been persecuted and fallen victim to the religious fanatic regime in Iran.